You are My Soul

Excerpt from Retribution

If something happens to you, there is no me, you are the blood my heart pumps to sustain my life.
Actually, you are more than that, without you, I would lose the rhythm to breathe or walk.
The thought of living without you at my side is paralyzing.
We are a team and anything that comes our way we will face it head-on.
I look at you, and I see the living embodiment of my soul
you are the cords that give voice to all the dreams I have ever dreamed of.
You are the force that guides my hand to write.
You are the grace and dignity that allow me to represent you in all I do, in the name of us.
I once stood in the cold, wondering if there was a love that could ease my pain.
I walked through the self-doubt, wondering where love like ours lived.
I realized if I could not find our whole love, I would forever walk a broken man.
Finding you in this life was my goal, I have been riding slipstreams in search of you longer than man has walked in this space.
I will take an oath when I marry you, “There will be no secrets, no moments when we have to hide our pain from each other. I am yours, and you are mine. If either of us hurts, we will never have to do it alone.”
Caralena, you are more than the woman I love. You are all I am not. Days were never special until I saw your smile. I thought I knew how to dream before I met you. At that moment, I realized my dreams were still colored with crayons. The world is just catching up to the colors that exploded in my mind when I saw your beautiful face. I was a man with talent, but no purpose. You changed that for me, and I will always honor you as my Queen.

© Q. Javon Overton

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