One Pair of Wings

We were sitting on a beach in Italy. It was spring, and life was teeming all around us. New life is always so fascinating to witness. We were as caught in our love as we ever were, looking at the ocean and wondering where we might go for a holiday. An Angel appeared before us and introduced himself.

“I am called Remus. He looked at me; I am here to give you your wings. You have done good deeds, and it is your time to leave this place.”

I looked at you, and my answer was, “I cannot leave her, I will spend the rest of my days here until she earns her wings, and we will depart together.”

Remus smiled politely and said, “You do not understand, this is a great honor for a man to receive wings while he still lives. If you refuse, it will leave a scar on your soul, and you may never have this chance again.”

You looked at me and pushed me to go, “He is right; this is a great honor, you must obey the call when you receive it, I will be okay.”

“My love, perhaps you would be okay, but with wings or not, I would never be the same. You are my joy, and I do not need more.”
I said to Remus, “give the wings to my love, let her fly from this place, she has done good deeds.”

He looked down at us, “There is only one set of wings, they are for you. I’ll ask once more, and you need to stand and take your wings.”

I looked at you, and there was no way I would ever leave your side, not even for eternity. Then I had an idea.

“Remus put a wing on my left shoulder and the other on my beloved right shoulder. We will wrap our other arms around each other and fly together.”

Remus laughed.

You asked, “What is so funny?”

Remus stopped laughing and stared at both of us for a moment, “I laughed because it is what he said you would do. Your love is so complete that neither of you will fly without the other. You have both earned your wings and each other for eternity.”

©Q. Javon Overton 2019

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