Wild with Pleasure

Wild with Pleasure

Can I tell you what the curves of your body do to me? I watch you speak, and your luscious lips draw me to you. The curve of your ass makes my body tingle as I watch you walk away from me. I am captured between your thighs as I envision removing your panties with my teeth. The lift of your breasts leaves me longing to suckle from your body, to receive the warm juices that flow from you. You speak, and your voice sends unbridled electricity into my groin. Continue to talk; I want your voice and your body to take me prisoner, as I fall prey to your ebony skin and commanding eyes. I want to make love to you. I want your mouth to open wide as I lick you in ways you have taught me to. How does it feel to have your clitoris trapped between my lips? Do you feel the power of my tongue as it teases your body into submission? Yes, give me your energy. Drown me in your chocolate skin and your wet release. I won’t stop licking until you climb the headboard, trying to escape the current flowing from my mouth and into your womanhood. You beg me to stop, but I need more. I need to feel your kisses, feel the contact of your lips. Either pair will do. Give me your mouth or your labia. Either will lead me to orgasm. I need to explode in you, on you. The sensation is short circuiting my heart. You bring me to release, and I am wild with pleasure. You must stop, or it might kill me. Then I grab your hips and pull you deeper. I will gladly give my life for moments of pleasure like this. You collapse into arms and kiss me. I am mummified, wrapped forever in your arms. Such fantasies leave me weak with desire. I am craving your touch again.

This is how I love you!

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