Naturria was a planet in peril when my power manifested into its fullness. There were dangers all around me, but I was not afraid of dying, I was very much afraid of not living. We lived in villages at the base of the Dragon Mountains. Some of our people lived in homes carved into the mountainside. It was a time when magic was full of danger and excitement. It is told in our history that we came from the stars and that our Mages were much more powerful then. Many of the elders still spoke of the mountain as being the source of our mage powers. They also say the that Dragon Mountain was cursed, and anyone who dared enter the cave never returned.

My family was the strongest mages left on the planet, and we were the rulers of our society. My father was betrayed and murdered by some of the men in his hunting party. His murderers were never known to my mother or why he died. I would learn later that my mother was a powerful mage and chose not to reveal the murderers. Perhaps she thought it was for my safety. My mother was fifteen months pregnant when he died. I felt his death from the womb. When he died his power became mine. I saw three men attacking him, but the faces were cloaked. My reaction to his death almost killed my mother when I reacted violently in her womb. She used her magic to calm me. When the hunting party returned, they came to our home. They explained that my father had fallen into a deep ravine and did not survive. Mother knew better; Father was too powerful a Mage to fall to his death. He could control the air molecules around him, so he would never have hit the ground. She knew they murdered him, but she would wait until the right time to exact her revenge. When the time came, I would be that revenge, and it would be a dish served hot, molten hot! My mother eyed the men and nodded her head. Now she understood why I exploded into kicking in her womb. The surge of power entered my body, and thus, she endured the pain as a result. When a second hunter spoke, the voice caused me to react violently again. He was one of the men who killed my father, and now he stood before my mother and lied. My mother looked deep into his eyes and nodded. When the men finished, she stood and walked into our home. She was the ruler now, and she would have to choose a mate in six months after the mourning period ended.

There is a little natural magic in all of us. It is a gift from Naturria. However, every century, a child is born different. I was that child. There was a gathering of the elders to discuss how to protect me and the village. They could already feel me in my mother’s womb. When my mother gave birth, my magic spread all over the village, touching all the things in this world. It was different now; my mother could not shield my probing, and it was exhilarating. The elders were worried; they knew I was powerful, and my existence was a threat to our people, no elder could remember a time when a child was born with the level of power I had in the womb. They felt they had to protect me; if the Sheltak homed in on me, the settlement could be destroyed in their search for me.

The Shaman cast a spell to cloak my magic, but even he strained to suppress it, and he was the strongest of the elders. When the rumbling started in the Yellow Forest, they knew what that meant. The Sheltaks were coming, and it sounded like a lot of them. They all looked at each other and shook their heads. I made a noise behind them and, they spun around. I was standing just outside the entrance of our home. The elders stared at m,e stunned, I was four days old, and I was already the size of a seven-year-old. My growth was due to the power I absorbed from my father at the moment of his death. That was the secret of our lineage, the passing of our Mage abilities.

The rumbling in the forest grew louder behind them. The elders didn’t react to the sound at first; they were still staring at me, puzzled by my growth.

The crashing sound in the forest grew closer, and a few of them turned to see what was coming.  Novaj laughed; the Sheltak scouts were watching him. The Shaman was about to ask him if he knew the danger, I had brought upon the village. I motioned the elder into silence. “I will protect the village.” Novaj stood there with a devious smile on his face, watching the Yellow Forest. There were more crashing sounds; evil was coming. He had been planning this fight for nine months. Late in the night, he could feel dark magic swirling around his mother stomach. She was asleep, but her magic protected her. Novaj levitated a few inches off the ground and drifted over to face the threat coming to decimate his home. That was not going to happen, there were new rules in the world now, and he would be making them!

The trees at the edge of the Yellow Forest exploded as the Sheltak King burst into view, and he was massive. He slid to a stop about fifty yards from the elders and Novaj. “There is powerful magic in this town. We have been sensing it for thirteen months. A few days ago, there was a massive power surge of pure energy. Which means the child has been born. I need his energy to conquer the rest of this planet. Where is the child, tell me, and I might spare your miserable lives,” he growled? Novaj took a step forward, “what shall we call you, your name please, and you can have the boy,” asked Novaj? I am King Grimu, ruler of the Sheltak, and who are you child, addressing me in this manner?” “I am Novaj, protector of this town and defender of the realm.” King Grimu smiled, “I told you my name, now where is the child?”