My name is Javon,

This page is to introduce my style of writing to the reader. I have been told I write with a unique voice that gives the reader a view of the images I paint with my words. That is the ultimate compliment for a writer. If we can pull the reader into the abyss, we have conveyed the imagery our words represent.
I have worked in the I.T. profession for the last thirty years. The one thing I learned in that profession was patience. You cannot build a system overnight. Follow the proper methodical procedure to bring such architecture to life. Writing is like that for me; you do not just sit without giving thought to your destination of words. Writing has always been my saving grace, allowing me to walk into the worlds I dream of. Authors speak of writer’s block, and I find it hard to understand (I probably just cursed myself). I have many projects I am working on, so if something is not flowing well with one, I switch to another.
I write a lot about Black America’s history. Sometimes it is cathartic to immerse me in the past as I seek to cleanse the tortured souls embedded in my DNA. It is not always easy to find understanding when faced with the brutalities lost on dusty bookshelves where Black History dies. Humanity has turned Black America’s history into sound bites; whispers no one wants to address, even in the face of chains still dragged across the world in some manner or another.
I have written four novels in the last year and a half. After I finish setting up my blog, I will begin my search for a traditional publisher or perhaps I will self-publish. I write sci-fantasy novels, and I hope they make as much sense on paper as they did in my head. Time will tell.
I also write a great deal about love. Love is the ultimate equalizer. Love has a way of rising in the most illogical places. It wraps itself around two hearts, and inevitably the question, will you wear your life on her/his finger? The most beautiful thing about love is you never have to apologize for love.
I look at oppression, fear, prejudice, hatred, and any form of discrimination directly in the face. I find it hard to turn away from such things having stared at them; I pull them into the light with my pen. I am not sure if I will ever be a successful writer, but I know this, if the things I write inspire, encourage, or sets a captured heart free, that is good enough for me. I write because it allows me to breathe.
So come, let’s take this journey together.

© Q. Javon Overton 2020