We were born on The Homestead, the last children to roam the grounds in a long and storied line of the Lamb Family. The adventures were amazing. Like any other kids in the world, we made up games and crazy escapades. We made up some fun and some dangerous events. We all got hurt from time to time, but none of us sustained any life-threatening injuries unless you count the times, we all got spanked. That was just a part of growing up, it did not damage us (except in the moment), in my opinion, it made us better because it established the boundaries we had to live by then, and now. I could extend this into the area of parenting today, but that horse has left the gate, and is on the way to being buried, in other words, there is no need to beat a dead horse. We have all taken our children to that hallowed ground. My kids heard the stories and adventures my brothers and I shared from the time they could pay attention and understand them. Both of them, Jalaine and Javon, always encouraged me to write the stories. They felt they should be shared with the world because of the humor and the life lessons we learned. These are the stories that made us laugh and cry while we stretched into young men. When Grandfather died, I made a promise to his memory that I would remain on that land and maintain it throughout my life. I did not! I have asked Grandfathers forgiveness for not keeping that promise. In reality, I was the first brother to leave Weeksville, I moved to NJ, and that has been a mixed blessing and curse that I walk with still.

Anthony (Big Ant), Quinton (Quint, Javon), Ronnie (Big Ron, LeeBee) and Tyler (TVO). We are the four. We have all made positive impacts on our lives. I have written as many of the stories as I can remember, I will ask my brothers to review, update and add anything they remember so this can be as accurate as possible. Since no names will be changed to protect the innocent, lol, it will be at the discretion of each of us to include what we want to be known. No matter what, there will be truth spoken by all of us.

We were beginning to understand the world around us when we left the Homestead. None of us realized how far our lives and careers would take us from the Homestead. We are as much a part of it, as it is a part of us. There is no way we can forget the blood sweat and tears that were shed during those years. I know in many ways it was our rite of passage into adulthood. With Momma, Grandma, and Granddaddy to guide us, the value system they instilled in us has kept us on the right side of truth, honor, and most importantly faith. Ron and I were talking one evening and I don’t recall what I said, but his response was, “we are country boys Quint”. That was enough said, he was right. That down-home country boy ethic has served all of us well.

© Q. Javon Overton 2019