I Do

There are moments when I stand at the edge of a mountain looking for any sign of you. I imagine you are standing on your side of the world trying to glimpse me too. I never knew love could hurt like this. I never knew so many tears could flow from my soul.
I did not realize love so deep could cripple the mind when separated by so many miles. I desperately search for the gateway into your arms, but my uncertainty traps me. If I find a gate and jump into the wrong time, it will take years to see you again. No matter what happens when I leap if I miss, I will search for you whether it is a day or a century ten times over. There three gates. It would be a hard decision except for one thing, As I walk by the entrances, I open my heart and feel you pulling me into your arms. I am yours as I leap through the second gate. You are standing there waiting, your arms open. I land in your heart and exhale. I am at home. I often wondered if love was as good as people would say it was. Now I know there is nothing better than your touch, which is your love for me. My body is vibrating as it synchronizes with yours. We are one; we will always know where the other is from this moment forth. I DO a thousand times over.

© Q. Javon Overton 2019

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