The Curse of Success

We are all hesitant to reveal too much of ourselves. The need to be accepted is a powerful curse that binds us all to the darkness. When we are perceived to have imperfections, we fear ridicule and rejection. Every man and woman feel the pull of belonging, and they too are fearful. For some it happens as a child; for others, it paralyzes them in adulthood. Your parents do their best to make you strong and confident, but it is your inner voice splashing you with words that make you afraid to speak. Rise from the deep, give the world a taste of your beauty. Give the world the syllables that comprise the stories only you can tell. I have listened to your monologue. I have seen it behind your eyes begging to breathe onto this stage called life. Our greatest fear is that we might succeed, that people might stop and take notice of our talent. Then the carousel must continue to spin. You will have become the ride everyone wants to experience. In your moments of success, what is the price you pay? Have you become more than or less than your dream? Your music and your spoken word will live forever, but what of your happiness? I often wonder what the price is for fame. Would you be able to live among the people you love without your success? One last question, can you live with yourself and your recognition? If I start the music will you dance? Be careful; there was a moment I forgot who I was.

© Q. Javon Overton

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