I Dreamed of Butterflies

I Dreamed of Butterflies

I dreamed of fields with butterflies, and
Dandelions swaying in the breeze
Searching across the sunrise, it was as
Pretty as pretty could be
I learned not to ask the questions, that
Gave me an answer that might hurt
I learned to take it slowly, as the sun
Shone in your eyes
As the light caught hints of light brown,
If you tilted your head just right
I remember walking through the tall grass,
Feeling it brush against my skin, bringing
Back memories of when I was deep within you
Watching as the world spun by, lost in
Ecstasy, trying hard to keep my composure,
Feeling so many sensations
I didn’t know where you began, or where I
Ended, our bodies locked in love
We were butterflies dangling in the breeze

© Q. Javon Overton 2019

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