A Rose

A Rose 5-18-94

Deep in the heart of a forest, where surely no sunshine could
There stood a single rose, surrounded by darkness, but still it
did grow
In all its beauty it stood there, and I thought no one would
ever see its beauty shine
I discovered its beauty on a quiet moonlit night, a drop of dew,
that might have been a tear hanging from a petal
I suddenly felt sad. How could such a lovely flower bloom
where it could not be admired?
the world should see such color and fullness
Then I realized why the flower grew where it did. True beauty
presents itself in the most unlikely places, and like all things,
beauty will only grow where there is nourishment for it to live.
I am the forest, and you grow safely in my heart, like the rose,

© Q. Javon Overton 2019

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