Broken Man

Broken Man. 9-3-85

Why do you whip my child, he only wanted to know why we wear these chains
He can’t understand why being black is a reason to be ashamed!
He looks at your child carrying a book, and he too wants to read
Not knowing they forbid it because it would supersede the decree of our unintelligence
My daughter asks, “why does he always take momma at night and not you?”
“Wouldn’t it be easier for you to do the work he makes momma do?”
I looked at her with tears and said, “child I couldn’t even if I had to try. Your momma carries a generation with her strength, though her eyes are red each night from the tears she has to cry.”
“Your mother cries because I hurt, and that’s the way it will be for life. She being one man’s toy for pleasure, then she returns to be a broken man’s wife.”

© Q. Javon Overton 2019

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