Tired Wings

Can I tell you why I cry in the dark? It is because I have forgotten how to save the world
I am cramped, and it has been so long my wings will no longer unfurl
There was a time that I soared above the earth searching for those in need of healing
So much self-inflicted pain and no willingness to accept the responsibility for the chaos
How many of you blame the world, blame God for the things you should have, their fault
I have seen the way men and women covet what they think they deserve, and it is not always flesh
I used to climb high into the clouds, and as I cried, my tears would seed the clouds and cleanse the world
When people stop believing in something, it ceases to exist
That is true for faith, love, happiness and all things good in this life
The laughter of a child is the most infectious sound on this planet, yet it has faded
Such laughter has become the white noise by which we drift into drunk now
There was a time that I cried in the light, and all was good with the world
Now the world cries with me because we do not feel the harmony needed to sustain this life
I am so tired, but I hear the wind calling me, bidding me to unfurl these worn feathers
Imploring me to rise among the clouds once more, to cleanse the world of its pain
I will give what I have always delivered. I will provide all that I am, knowing I may never touch the ground again
That is okay, at least I am no longer sitting in the dark crying for a world I did not know if I could save

© Q. Javon Overton

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