I have loved you in ways that only time
has been witness too. I have given myself
to our dream completely, brushing off any
reservations. I live for your touch.
I hunger for the taste of your mouth. I
have cried for our loses, laughed for our
successes. I have loved you with a
passion that would leave most people
exhausted. There have been so many
moments when I roared late into the
night locked in a long
night of passion. Do you understand
what it means to call you mine?
You have given the power of living, a
purpose. I am yours in a way that
should make you tremble when you
think of my kisses. Will you jump the
broom with me, and begin our journey
into tomorrow? The way you look at me
is sensual, and I melt, I melt trying
hard to live up to the love you see. I
think about the last time I held you,
and my body is flushed with heat. Tell
me, is there a unique way you want me
to take you? I am committed to squeezing
every ounce of love from you, then fill
you with my desire.

© Q. Javon Overton 2019

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