Where Does Love Go

Where does love go when it is not shared
Does it crawl into a corner to wait for life
Where does the soul hibernate when it is alone
Do tears never cried fall silent in the mind’s darkness
When do you know you have given the purpose to love
Do you spread your wings and reach for the sun
Bathing in the glow of your passion when your souls burst free
Does old love get to breathe life into the heart of new love
I say yes because for each moment I have searched for you my
love, you have always come to me
The desire I feel for you cannot be a creation of this life, it is too deep
If I counted every moment I have loved you, time would have to sit and take a rest
How can you measure such beauty, when it has infinity at its core
Do tears cried speak of the love blossoming in our hearts
Again, I say yes, if they ever captured the tears I have cried for our love there would be no deserts on this world
I know my purpose was always to walk in our glow
I know that is why the universe exploded so I could share your life
People search for the answers to life, all they need to do is look at us
We are the reason; we are the truth that all humans seek
They are welcome in our world; we are the master class in love

© Q. Javon Overton 2019

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