Excerpt from “Retribution”

You Are My Soul

If something happens to you, there is no me; you are the blood my heart pumps to sustain my life.

Actually, you are more than that; without you, I would lose the rhythm to breathe or walk if there was no us.

The thought of you not being at my side is paralyzing.

We are a team and anything that comes our way, we will face it head-on.

I look at you, and I see the living embodiment of my soul

you are the cords that give voice to all the dreams I have ever dreamed.

You are the force that guides my hand to write.

You are the grace and dignity that allow me to represent you in all I do, in the name of us.

I once stood in the cold, wondering if there was a love that could ease my pain.

I walked through the self-doubt, wondering where love like ours lived.

I realized if I could not find our complete love, I would forever walk a broken man.

Finding you in this life was my goal. I have been riding slipstreams in search of you longer than man has walked in this space.

I will take an oath when I marry you, There will be no secrets, no moments when we have to hide our pain from each other. I am yours, and you are mine. If either of us hurts, we will never have to do it alone.

Caralena, you are more than the woman I love. You are all I am not. Days were never special until I saw your smile. I thought I knew how to dream before I met you.

At that moment, I realized I colored my dreams with crayons. The world is still catching up to the colors that exploded in my mind when I saw your beautiful face.

I was a man with talent, but no purpose. You changed that for me, and I will always honor you.

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