I Love You More

I loved you long before there was a moon
I have loved you in my darkness, where no sun had ever shone
Before recorded time, I was eager for your soul
Peering through the night for just a glimpse of a love that would make me whole
When there was light, I saw it emanating from your smile
These things I saw as I walked on rivers and waited for you beside the Nile
There are few things that give me pause
But I stopped to see the radiance that caused my soul to thaw
I was at first in awe of such beauty as you approached
I knew my life in the dark was over, so I stood and bowed to my queen
I knew your smile, and I was madly in Love long before you spoke
I took your hand and gently led you down the steps to our happy home
I felt my emotions swell, and I knew this time it was happiness for which I wept
There have been centuries come and gone, but every day has been blissful
Every morning I rise to see your life-giving smile, and we share a tender kiss

Thank you for gracing our throne.

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