A Woman

Always remember you are beautiful;
You do not owe any man your body for coin
or good deed. Your heart should guide
who you allow to touch you intimately.
Always remember, your body is sacred,
and you must treat it as such. If any man
is allowed in your temple, be sure he
values all of you, not just the parts he
chooses. It is a lesson our daughters
and sisters should walk through life
asking themselves? If you give your
body but do not share your soul, who
wins you or him? If he is not
willing to share his soul, then he
will not match the rib that created
you, which should be the key
that allows him into your temple.
The same goes for our men,
If she is not willing to honor
you for the same reasons, you must
ask yourself if it was a mistake to
give the wrong woman your rib?

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