The Night Sky

The Night Sky

I love you with all the joy and pain this life can bring. I will respect your voice as it comforts me and gives me direction. Your place in my heart is as sacred as Africa is to the evolution of man. The sign of a grown man is how much he loves and finds reverence in his woman. Down through the ages, every phrase starts with “Man,” why? The motivation behind all things has always been to improve her life. Women are the catalyst behind all we have ever aspired to be. When a man is in love, he can envision the most elaborate things. To him, her passion is a beacon. A life-giving star he wraps his heart around and goes for the ride of his life, a soul-satisfying love affair that warms the night sky. You may wonder why I say I love you so often. It is because I am trying to make up for the years you could not hear my voice. I always said I love you, but the wind did not blow my words your way all the time. When I walked out of Africa, I knew I would have to go back, back to the cradle of life in search of you. Where else could a man in love go to find his Angel, his Queen?

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