Questions in The Dark


Questions in the Dark

What are we all looking for, do we have a destination in mind when we point in a direction
What is the motivation that pushes us to the summit of our relationships or careers
Is acceptance the primary goal in how we measure our success, or maybe our failure
Does a person feel less than if he or she does not have someone to walk with them through life
Have we all become victims of a society that says we must have someone to love us
Now here is the question, who made us believe we needed to be completed by someone
That if you do not have children, there is something wrong with you. Why does that have to be true
If you are excelling at your passion, is it necessary to conform to what they say, who is they
Most of us want somebody on our arm, in our bed, but that does not always make us happy
A sugar daddy or trophy wife is an illusion lost in the pain of trying to maintain the concept of normal
What of the unbalanced relationship, where the full measure of love is not mutual, what then
Is there an obligation to continue standing that person up, or do you deserve your happiness too
When you close your eyes at night, are your dreams dancing with fulfillment of your life, or do you lay there waiting for sleep, searching for answers to questions in the dark


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