El Paso and Dayton-A Moment of Silence

We stood in the valley and watched the dew turn to steam in the morning sun. We never thought you would disappear like the mist drifting all around us. You were our parents, our wives, our husbands, our kids, our broken limbs on the family tree. The rings say you had many more years ahead of you. However, you have been taken by misguided men.
You will always be at our side. We should not shed tears, but the pain was so acute. We did not say we love you. Some of you gave your lives so that your family members and strangers might live — heroes in a fleeting moment of courage. Our faith tells us that God does not make mistakes. You have another purpose beyond the reach of man. We will remember who you were, and you will live forever. There is no darkness where you are. Angels surround you, and they wiped the pain from your skin and gave you wings. You have been received at the feet of our Heavenly Father and guided through the gates of Heaven. Some of us saw a rainbow that appeared as the gates brushed against the moisture in the clouds. We know you are free of the struggles on earth, and in time, our pain may ease, but it will never fade completely. The comfort we find will come in remembering how you lived. For those who survived those horrible events, may God bless each of you. I pray that in time, your dreams are of quiet moments where you take back your lives — written in a moment of silence.

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