I spoke to Africa

I spoke with Africa last night. I asked her forgiveness for not finding my way home.
“There is nothing to forgive. You are the product of my longevity. I have reclaimed the souls of those lost in what they called the middle passage.”
“How did you find them?”
“My child, you do not find what was already yours, you reclaim it.”
“Do you know they tried to strip us of our dignity, they sold our children or used them for gator bait?”
“Do you know they raped our men, women, and girls, which led to the birth of green-eyed black children, which would serve as a constant reminder they owned us?”
“Yes, I saw what they did to all of you, the water that lapped against my shores told me the stories of your pain, and while I could not bring your bodies back, I reached across the oceans and brought the souls of those who died on American soil, home too.”
“I look out my window, and I am not sure what freedom is. All I have ever known is oppression on this land. Our people still walk around in inner cities across America, thinking the man owes them something.”
“Child, even in Africa you had to stand up and earn what was yours, freedom today is what you make it. If you are waiting for society to give you anything, you may as well put their chains back on! Why do you wait for them to feed you? The elders were the only people we catered to because they earned that place of respect.”
“I understand, but we do not have many choices to improve our lives!”
“Well, you say you do not have many choices. Look at the choices your ancestors had when they were slaves. Do you have more freedom than they did? Do you need to make excuses because you are black, or can you stand up and give your lineage something to be proud of? Wanting is over, your children need to be proud of you, and if you want to cultivate pride, don’t be one more lost soul I have to carry home. When your ancestors wore chains, they fought harder than you are willing to!”
“I will try!”
“No, trying is a feeble attempt to make an excuse for failing. It is time for you to achieve, so the world can see how you rise!”

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