What do you See

Who do You See

There are always people becoming, but it is much harder for someone to achieve being. Some dreamers get lost in their rhetoric, and once they break their focus, it is a lonely walk back to the beginning of a broken dream. Then you have to decide what is more important, your image or your self-worth. A person can have both. As long as you remain grounded, you can still find yourself when you look in the mirror. That also can be a trap; when seeking yourself, you see what you need to see. Turn your eyes away from what people say you are. Stand up straight and walk into the existence you have earned for yourself. The price tag that people put on you is an illusion fueled by your desire and greed. Again I ask, what is more important, you or the false persona you gave freely to the world because you thought it was what they wanted. “They” is a catch-all for failure. When things get thin, you discover that it was the paycheck you were dishing, and not the loyalty you thought was there. Teach yourself how to fail and rebuild your dream along with your self-worth. Both are waiting for you to take the wheel and turn your life around. Then look in the mirror and tell me who you see.

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