I Have Lied to You

I’m sorry. I have lied to you far too many times. I say I love you, and I now realize the word “love” is not big enough to tell you how much I need you. The word love has its meaning, and for some, it defines their affection, but how can it mean the same for me, when I love you far more in-depth than its meaning. I watch you walk, and I am mesmerized by your graceful movement. When you speak, your words dance in the air like butterflies moving on a gentle breeze.
I do love you, but I must apologize for trying to explain my passion for you with such a small word. How can I explain what I feel when you touch me? There is fire and ice in your hands, and I am propelled to the edge of ecstasy as your caress ignites my fire. Perhaps I can articulate the feeling in another language because English does not capture the beautiful woman you are. I want to dance with you on a beach, and perhaps the ocean will reveal the words I seek while it licks at our feet.
I’m sorry. I have lied to you far too many times. Saying I love you will never be enough, but I will continue to speak the words until I find the right language to reveal my love for you to the world.

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