You Are More

You are more than a daughter, mother, grandmother, caregiver, sister, or employee. You are a woman, and you let someone steal that from you. It was not theirs to take. It is time for you to take it back. Stand in front of a mirror and proclaim the control of your blackness. Being black is more than the color people see. Your Blackness is how you breathe. It is the way you enter a room, and it compels people to stop and stare. Your Blackness is your best friend that gives you the pep talk to chase what you want. If someone steps into your kingdom, remind them they stand before a woman who knows her worth, and no man or false God will disrupt your flow. Give yourself back to you and let the world marvel at your strength.
We all chase what we think we should have, but your Blackness should be your guide. It walked us out of bondage, thanks to you. If any man, whether family or friend, does not understand that, he cannot understand you. If you must shed tears because of a man, realize why you are crying, rejoice in being free of a man who hurts you. If he understood your Blackness and his, he will respect the woman you are. Know who you are, and your life will flourish. Present your Blackness to the people who meet you, and if they do not respect the essence of the woman you are, they need to move over and let the right person recognize your beauty.

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