My Love – Greeting Card

Did you know I learn to love you

all over again each day? My life

has become so much better since

you took my name. You have given

me the guidance and truth I need

to keep my life on track. You have

blessed me with a happy home and

children. For every superlative that

exists in this world, they fall short

when I try to capture you with words.

My heart knows exactly who you are,

what you are to me. I never want

you to think it takes a holiday to say

I love you. If any man has ever had a

reason to brag, then I stand at the

head of the line. You are my truth

and I do my best every day to show

the world the code of honor you

have placed in me and it is my honor

to love you. Thank you for

guiding me to become the man I am.

This is how I Love You

INSIDE: You have given me more

love than I than I thought existed

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