A Conversation with Myself

Somebody called my name in the dark and

I froze in my tracks

I was reaching for your door and the voice

forbade me from entering

I spun in the direction of the voice and stood

looking in a mirror

The voice was my own!

“Do not enter her room if you are not prepared

to give all of me.

She deserves to be loved completely. There can

be no second guessing, no walking out of the

light once you are immersed.”

I looked in the mirror and answered myself, “You

know how much love I have to give her. I have

been searching for her for more lifetimes than I

can remember. I have remained pure so she can

unwrap my body and be the first and only one to

to touch my soul.

I must open her door because all the love I have

ever sought is laying there waiting to complete me.

I must enter her door, or my life’s quest will have

been for nothing. I must deliver my heart, or it will

cease to beat!”

“Then you may enter and fulfill the

destiny you were born to live.”

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