I spend my days longing to feel your touch. My nights filled with cravings of the flesh, too racy to put on paper. I want to hold you, let you snuggle with me so I can feel you surround me with your aura. I need your physical self, but at this moment, I have come for your soul. I want to wrap it around me and deliver me into the deepest part of you. I want to experience rainbows and waterfalls as I navigate the depths of your womanhood. I have chronicled our history. The hieroglyphics came into existence many years after I first made love to you on the banks of the great river. Our first recorded touch was under the tree of life at the beginning of the evolution of our race. There are cave drawings that show you heavy with our first child. We populated the world with the love we share. After all the centuries we have shared, I still get butterflies when I hear you enter our home. I am always mesmerized when you look at me. The anticipation of your lips touching mine is dizzying. I want to lie in you and feel my love explode. I will love you for many lifetimes. You have made us eternal. Without you, our timeless love would not have been conceived. And in your honor, I will stand at your side until eternity is no more.

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