Must We Die a Little every Day

Must we die a little every day? Is it written somewhere that we must be sad? Does the fear of dying make us forget how to live? People live their lives trying to reach an imaginary goal. Do we spend wasted moments looking at the things others have, without knowing what they may have gone through to get their possessions? We can not see the invisible scars left by the loss of a loved one, perhaps a child. When we wonder how they got the house or a nice car, we do not see the shrine they have in remembrance, or the flowers they place on a grave. Accidents can create wealth, but sometimes the price is too high.
As long as you have breath, be grateful for the life you live. We should give thanks every day for the joy in our lives. Can we live a little better each day? Help somebody, hug somebody. It does not take much to patch a hole in someone’s life. An act of love can change a person’s life and yours tremendously.
We cannot see the dried tears; people cry. They smile when they see you because sharing their hurt scares them into submission. Why must our friends and coworkers die a little every day, alone? Sometimes people are trapped in darkness, and they cannot see beyond the pain. Look a little closer. Think about how you hid your sadness and insecurities. Check your family and friends and see if they are wearing the mask of loneliness you wore once. Sometimes we need to offer a shoulder to someone in need. If you are standing up, look around to see who might need help with their posture. Stand them up, if you can.
Must we die a little each day? I say, no! We are obligated to each other, friend or stranger alike. Something you take for granted might be an enormous act of kindness for others. I am not saying you do something detrimental to your well-being to aid someone, but we all see someone in need every day. If you choose to ignore the people you are looking at with side-eye glances, take a moment and remember, if not for the grace of God, there goes us. So many are quick to ignore someone asking for a dollar. It is the same conclusion; you think they are going to use the money for smokes or drinks. It is not your place to worry about how they will use the money. You have extended your kindness. It is their gift to do whatever they will with it. A final statement, who are we to judge our fellow man? We don’t know why they are living on the street, or how someone is driving a Mercedes. We all work within the confines of our cages. Therefore, we have no right to condemn others in the cages in which they live. We owe the surrounding people the courtesy of a smile. It’s free, but it might help someone make it through the day.
Must we die a little every day? That depends on how you lived today.

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