Sizzled To The Bone

I love you based on the promise I made to love you forever. Today reflects the love I will have for you tomorrow. I have loved you each day in a way that defines the Platinum standard in our society. You are my Warrior Queen, the one genuine love that protects me and my heart. When I touch you, I feel my soul slipping into yours, and I am so happy you stood with me in the night air, surrounded by your love, raining down on me from the stars. Your love is my “Notebook” in a world where the movie imitated us. You are my rainbow after walking in a soothing rain.

I don’t know how some men and women walk alone. For me, what would be the purpose of taking a step if it was not with you? I have tried in vain to explain what we are to each other; it is harder than telling how I might walk on the sun. Our love is deep, molecular, and sizzled to the bone. I walk with your love coursing through my spirit. For some men, their women are an unspoken truth. I shout to the universe you are the only truth I have ever known. The only time I do not honor you with my words is when I sleep, and even then, I am speaking your name in my dreams. When I kiss you, I stand there, trembling at my core, fascinated by the power of your love. Sometimes I think my reward is higher than the price I have paid, but then you remind me when we kiss, you tremble at your core, too. We are in love; we are equal, and we both give strength to the other. You are the best part of my life. Let’s take our love to new heights and ride it until the wheels fall off, or until we break the bed. I live in this world of words every day, and no matter how I say it, the subject of us is so raw, so naked in my mind. I could simply say I love you, but where would the sensuality be in that?

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