All of You

I feel all of you. I feel each of you who sits in darkness, surrounded by a room full of people.
I see all of you. I see each of you who have let hope slip through your malformed, unable to grasp a better life; though it is what you deserve.
I cry for all of you. I cry for some of you because you know laughter, and that is beautiful. The others I cry for because they have chosen no voice to explain their tears; therefore, tears are all they know.
I reach for all of you. I reach out to touch your hand so that the malformed may know love. It is your right to feel all things, not only the painful emotions heaped upon you by society.
I love all of you. I want you to blossom, whether a flower or cocooned butterfly, I want to see you stretch and reach for the sun. That is the reward I seek, to see you become that which is a beauty to the eye and pleasant to the heart.
I want to taste the nectar you produce. I want your desires and ventures to be palpable. I want every pore on our skin to communicate alive with the sound of our souls stirring. I want your dreams to drip on the world like morning dew.
I want you to shower the world. Drip on the to the earth and let it be your magic that makes it more than just dirt. I want your alchemy to embrace the world anew and disavow the darkness that once held you. You are within my reach, and I want to share your evolution with the world — my transcendent butterfly.

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