Call My Heart

Please don’t make me open my eyes
I might lose this dream where
I am holding you in my arms
I didn’t realize I had stopped
Dreaming until I heard your

I never thought I could feel
This way again, I had forgotten
What it was like to let my heart

Every time I think of you it
Leaves me weak and gasping
For air
Caught in a vacuum, taking my
Breath away

Oh, how I have loved you
Even time and distance have
not changed my love for us
or the dreams I want us to live

Both of us have known heartache
Now my heart is yours
I pledge my life and my love to you
To you forever, I am yours

I can feel the butterflies dancing on
My heart
I will take a deep breath and keep
Pulling you closer to me

I get lost when I think about you
If I wake up and this is a dream
I will have lost the love of my Life
I will always think of you, and the
happiness you shared with me

You made me such a lucky man
And I hope you are happy and
Fulfilled in your life

If I can’t hold you, have you
found a love that makes you
laugh Has he made you feel
the way a woman should

If he has not, send me your
Heart and let me rub your
Soul, until you beg for time
To catch your breath

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