Creatures of The Night

There are moments when I can smell the sweet fragrance of your skin. Like I feel the gentle brush of your lips as you give me butterfly kisses in the dark. I fantasize I can feel the curve of your hips as I run my fingers along the curve of your body into the crease of your thighs. I am a creature of the night, and I must drink from your body. I love the way your body parts respond, fully engorged with blood and begging for my mouth to swallow the fire building, as evidenced by the steam rising from your flesh. I pretend I am going to tease you into submission, to make you bend to my will, but as I discover every time you are Queen, and I am reminded a Queen’s subject must do her bidding. You are the first and only love I will ever know. You are the only child conceived in light and grew in a womb filled with light. You are the dawn of every new day with life dancing in your glow, and I standing in the shadows admiring your magnificent beauty. I stand there wanting to have you in ways that are sins in some worlds, but I would take my chances for just a taste. I will wait until you grant dusk the privilege of closing out the day. Then I will slip under your covers and nibble my way up your body and tease you until pleasure tangles you in your sheets, begging me to stop while gyrating your hips and holding the back of my head as if I am breathing life into your soul. I am a creature of the night, and I must feed on you to sustain my life and love for you. Command me as you will. I will always be at your side to love, honor, and cherish you. Perhaps you, too, will become a creature of the night, and we can discover our passion when dusk pulls us under the sheets time and time again to feed on each other.

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