I Will Love You Forever

I love you deeper than the vibrations of my voice can reach into your soul

I have loved you so long it has made time an afterthought 

My love for you exploded into existence when the universe came to be, and I waited for your beauty to emerge

Our passion has inspired every lover’s dream since the dawn of man

We have walked in the belly of volcanoes, danced in endless waterfalls

I have marveled at your naked beauty, expected your gentle touch

I have wept silent tears, overcome by the release of your love for me as

we delivered our children into a world where one love became so much more

We are immortal, for we have given rise to powerful people, a great nation

After so many years, I still stand in awe of your strength and beauty

You are the first wonder of the world, the original greatness God blessed us with, I am blessed with

May I talk your hand, I want to walk into forever with you at my side

Whatever plane of reality I exist on, there would be no joy if I am not walking with you

Gaze out over the world and see the magnificent landscape created in your honor

You are a goddess, and I am star struck by your grace and the flow of your love

I thank you for stretching my heart and soul to the limit of my ability to love

We are in our golden years, but my heart still beats as a young man running in the wild

I am a man fulfilled with all you have given, and I pray I have touched every part of you 

I look at you across the room, and the words I love you explode in my head.

It is my honor to love you. 

I will love you forever.

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