Brothers, Can You Submit?

Zeta represents the inner strength I see surging in the eyes of many black women today. A quiet fierceness that makes me mourn the loss of our ancestral cultures. We, as black men, need to unite to give our women a reason to be honored to stand beside us. Zeta is every black woman who knows she wants a black king but will fight to get hers alone if need be.
I know there are brothers out there loving their women and nurturing their children. For those of us who do this, we cannot leave others behind. We are once again on the underground railroad, and if we are not vigilant, we will watch our communities caught out there.
Zeta is a Warrior Queen in one of my books. She never thought it was an option to have a man because she was a Dahomey soldier. I fear that we have too many sisters who believe that complete love is not possible.
We are raising black children to be less than they can be. Zeta is a role model, a champion of truth and honor. She will fight through anything for the sake of sisterhood and justice.
Is there another brother out there who is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of the world?
Is there a man out there who is not afraid to be obedient to the Zetas of this world? Imagine a union where equal means the love you share. Imagine your children listening to you discuss an issue and not fighting about it. Imagine your children watching you hug, kiss, and hold each other. If they do not see the love between you, they will not know love. Too many of our children are accepting broken love because they walk out of their homes broken. Is there one more brother out there who will submit to his wife? Don’t call her a queen if you are not willing to honor her. Too many catchphrases have made intimate language a rare thing. Is there another man out there ready to cry in his woman’s arms because he hurts? My God man, do you know what a woman would do for you if you give her your vulnerability, give her the parts of you-you are afraid to share? I will say this; if we are going to become united, it starts with finding the courage to tell our women how we feel. In plain English, you need to sit her down and say,
Baby, I get scared sometimes. I have sat in my car and cried because I worry about taking care of you and the kids. Baby, I need to tell you I am afraid that one day, you might not be here when I come home. Baby, I am tired of acting hard when I come home.
Take her hand and speak your vows on the spot. Commit to love, honor, and cherish her.
Is there another brother out there who is not afraid to be more of a man by honoring his woman? There will always be a Zeta in this world. She is the protector, but she needs to know that someone can love the hell out of her so she can put her shield down at the door and submit and be obedient to a man worthy of her love.
Sisters, put your name anywhere in this piece because some of you need to recognize that the men who love you deserve better than you give him. Submit and obey is not giving up your power or control; it is giving in to a complete love—a total love we all so desperately need to heal ourselves and our communities. Our communities will only be as strong as the unified strength and love that we represent as a people.
Is there another brother and sister out there who will love with their whole heart?
I want this piece to be the million men/women mantra of 2020.

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