Half-Empty or Half-Full

Sometimes I wonder why my heart does not faint when I look at you.
The rush of love and passion makes me weak with desire. Some people debate whether their cup is half full or half empty. That does not concern me because you fill me to the top of my soul every day.
How could I ever contemplate you as being half of anything, except me, and even then your fullness fills me? You are my eternal spring, bubbling over me, in me.
I look at you, touch you, and I feel a sexual release that is mental. There are moments when I think I must be more than a man, for no man should be able to drink of such beauty and survive the euphoria.
Is my cup half empty or half full?
I will say this, “look at her and tell me, how could there ever be anything empty in a world where I stand beside my Queen?”
I walk around drowning each day because your love immerses me, and I am trying to swallow every ounce of you.

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