How Many Ways

There are so many things I enjoy saying
to you, like calling to say, honey, I’m on the way, and I can’t wait
to taste your mouth and hearing the sharp intake of air when you hear those words
It makes me smile to listen to you blush while holding
the phone
it is as passionate as a phone call can be, and I can
hardly wait for us to be alone
I open the door, and you are standing there wearing
nothing but a smile
I can feel my heart leap in my chest, and I make a promise
to myself, this will last a while
who could have foreseen the love we share, oozing from
our pores
I leap into your arms and drink in the aroma we bathe
in, the moment is ours
How many ways can a man love a woman, when she is so
There is such a great joy I feel rising deep in my
such love is the lynchpin that childhood fairy tales are
based on
when a woman loves a man like this, it is the pinnacle of
It is the love, honor, and respect that solidifies this blessed
it is love, and it will never grow old

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