Tears Between The Lines

All I wanted was to hold your hand
once more. To kiss you the
passionate way only love can

you are a queen 

Of all the titles I have worn, nothing
made me tremble with delight as much
as I wanted to be your man

there is truth in your soul

I can still hear your laughter ringing
in my ears. The way it filled my heart
with love for you.

i am blessed to love you

I keep telling my heart that it has to
walk the other way, but it is fighting
hard, this might be too hard to do

i knew angels walked amongst us

I think about the way I gave you all
of me. I gave you my fear and my pain,
and you held me safe in your arms.

you are my solitude

How can I tell my heart that heaven
slipped through my fingers again? How
can I survive this hurt, is this permanent

 I love you so much more

I am crying now; I don’t know if I can
finish these words; I am suddenly so
alone once again

I cannot get air in my lungs

I am sitting here trying to understand
why things must be this way, but
that does not stop the pain

all of me is hurting

I can see your smile, a smile I have
not seen for a lifetime. It is still a
beacon guiding me on this flight.

will our hearts ever find peace

One day the world will know how much
I love you. The world must know how my
heart feels lying beside you at night

will we ever dance in the moonlight

I thought it was impossible for someone
to complete me, I thought it was another
fable somebody told

i am listening for you on the wind

I now believe in fairy dust because for
the second time in this life, I touched
our love and it made me whole

i am just one wish away

I have no illusions that life will ever
promise a lover’s heart that things
will be fair

we are watching the same star

But this I know if fate ever needed
to be kind, it should be us; I will continue
to look on the horizon, hoping you will be

the power of love is eternal

Smile when you think of us; such pure
love does not die. Although, it can lay
dormant waiting for a sprinkle of hope
to appear

I believe in love all over again

There is a hug I have been saving for you
for a lifetime, and perhaps I will deliver
it one day and whisper I Love You, in your

until we dance, 
I have written my tears between the lines

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