Come with me. I want to lie with you and feel your body close to mine.
No, at this moment, I want us to feel the love and protection we give each other with our clothes on.
I want to hear you exhale because I am not sensually touching your body, but because we reaffirm that lying in each other’s arms is the greater reward in our relationship.
Do you remember how I held you before? Do you remember how I told you I believed in you, in us? Those beliefs still hold; they are just older and wiser now.
I want to rub your back as I speak of the things I want to share with you. As I speak of places, I want to see them through your eyes and witness the surprise and wonderment as you talk.
Prop yourself up on an elbow, and let me tell you how you make me feel as though the world is lying across from me, and I am in love with you for the rest of my life.
These are the things I want us to share before we make love. I want you to know that your clothing is the gift wrap, but the real present lives in your heart and mind, and that is what I crave most of all.
I want to tell you how making love with you is the pinnacle of my life each time we make love. How each time you receive me into you, I am thankful for experiencing your blessed touch.
Please don’t cry. My mouth may speak these words often, but if you could hear my heart, you would know I express my love for you in a constant stream of admiration and awe while standing or laying in your presence.
We will make love later. For now, I want to look at you and feel the smoldering need to touch you, grow. I want our skin to tingle in anticipation of our lips touching, our hands exploring each other.
Come, let me wipe your tears. I want you to walk out into the sun with me. I want you to step out into the world for all to see why I call you my heart, my queen.
Yes, I will kiss you. We are both hungry for more, but let us wait until darkness blankets the world, and it casts the sound of us making love in the shadows from the candles we lit.
Come walk before me. I want to watch everything I hold dear walk with the pride of love shimmering on your skin. I want to feel the need to make love to you right then, out in the open.
Knowing that once I have you in the sheets, all the pent of love and desire will be free, and pleasure will consume us both. I want to whisper your name as I explode inside you.
And I want to hear you whisper my name as you find release, and the spasms of love render you helpless and satisfied in my arms. I want you to know; this is how foreplay leads me to you every night in my dreams.

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