How to Keep Your Woman Happy

How To Keep Your Woman Happy

  1. Tell her you love her every day, every chance you get.
  2. Promise to love, honor and cherish her, and show her.
  3. Make love to her with the energy of a teenager and the knowledge of how she said she likes it.
  4. Sometimes you must share her tears; it will help to heal her heart in moments of doubt.
  5. She must always know she is your equal and you need to show her so in your actions.
  6. Be her co-parent. She does not work for you! Run your household together.
  7. Surprise her with flowers and laughter; she will love you deeper for either.
  8. Touch her. A gentle caress in passing, or hug her from behind and press your body into hers; whisper something sensual.
  9. Take her away. See the world through her eyes. 
  10. Don’t be afraid to cry in her arms; she will know you feel protected in your love; there are rewards for being vulnerable.
  11. Send her on a girl’s trip. She needs to immerse herself in her friends, just like you do.
  12. Trust her. Remember, she can and will leave you if you do not believe her truth.
  13. Know what she likes and dislikes. If you do not, you do not know her!
  14. Listen to her and hear her! She is speaking because she trusts you to understand. You may not solve the problem, but she will know you were in the moment with her.
  15. Be willing to change a behavior that disturbs her; it is how you will grow together.
  16. Love the children, even if you did not father them. If you love her, you need to love them just as much. They are yours now, and with that comes everything a daddy is.
  17. Take her out, so she knows you are proud to have her at your side; it matters.
  18. Give her more than sex. When you lay with her, make love to her soul, if there be intercourse or not.
  19. Choose a ring with your heart, not your wallet. The rock will not make your love solid, your actions will.
  20. Finally, know when to apply the first nineteen items on this list.

© Q. Javon Overton

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