I am the black mother.

I am the black father.

When we die do we devolve into the forgotten streets of society.

Do our children become statistics lost to the world of illicit drugs and sex?

What do I tell my near ancestors, my mother and father of their grandchildren?

Tell me child have I failed you or has the allure of the street proven stronger than my love?

Does the pipe taste sweeter than the gentle kiss I place upon your head before you sleep?

Do you recognize that your skin has already betrayed your hope?

If you do not rise above the societal restrictions, we lose you in a world of resentment and memories.

Do you find yourself powerful? 

Are you able to feed and clothe yourself in this world while you depend on others?


Where is your mother, child?

Do you have no guidance to understand your power? Do you have no guidance to understand your worth in a world that has labeled you unworthy?

As parents, we strive to build your conscience. To give you the conviction to want more than life might offer you.

If you do not want better, we can not force it upon you.

Life is hard. 

It is harder on the street. People do not love you out there. You are not even a number; you are a piece of flotsam drifting for others to take advantage of. 

Ask yourself the right questions now.

What are you seeking?

Who are you seeking?

The answers do not log in the company you keep!

They have become the excuse for a shallow world of empty breaths!

You smoke and burn the world around you to the ground.

Those who love you are the ashes you watch fall to the ground!

We are the waste you consume, hoping to ease your pain.

What is your pain?

It is time you said what your hurt is. 

What your fears are.

Without truth, you are another black statistic.

Lost in a world where many black faces are forgotten.

Forgotten by a society that does not count us!

You say you want to be something, then stop your spiral into obscurity. 

Demand the love you deserve you!

We live in a world where opportunity allows neglect!

Ask for more!

Amplify the lack of love you think you do not have in your home times a thousand and you may get a glimpse of the lack of love and respect those on the street will show you!

The drugs and your friends are the excuse! 

Your family is the answer!

If you are looking for answers and love, they live in the house with you!

What or who are you looking for?

I am a black mother!

I am a black father!

Child, look to us!

We may not have the answer you want to hear, but as God is our witness, we love you without fail!

When America says it does not see color, it is speaking of one color in particular: Black!

America does not choose to see the racism it created.

That might lead to the truth of colors not seen!


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