What is A Black Man Worth?

What is A Black Man Worth?

I ponder the question, what is a black man worth? Is he valued based on the car he drives, or the job he takes?

Is his value shown through the love of his wife and children? Does a black man have less value if he is standing on a corner?

What perception does society hold of any black man?

We are dads, husbands, brothers, sons, and uncles. We are law-abiding citizens that the law discriminates against.

Are all black “MEN” perceived as thugs, drug addicts/pushers, or worse?

These are fallible questions asked down through “our” American history.

Are we perceived to be less than?


Sadly, I think our value has been on display since we were on an auction blocks.

Today society seems to believe the value of a black man is the cost of a bullet!

We are dying in the streets, and with society pushing our value down, how do we raise our sons to respect their self worth? If they see and hear a black man’s value is on a scale sliding backward.

Does hanging a black man elicit joy in parts of society because his life is worthless?

Where is the line drawn?

If whipped within an inch of his life, tell me, who is holding the tape measure, white America?

Does a black man’s value decrease every time he walks out of his front door?

Is it a conscious thought all black men and boys have to be aware of when on the street?

Yes, yes, it is!

What is a black man worth?

For too many, it is the cost of a bullet!

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