Forever People

Forever People

Our blackness is not a prop, We do not protest the injustice that we have faced lightly.
We have lived but a moment in this myriad of injustices; it is hard to be gentle when reflecting on the pain of our people.
They made us worship their Christian God. While they made it clear, our black souls could not go to heaven. Now we understand the salvation of Jesus better than most of you.
So, what is our reward at the end of this bitter life, our broken bodies, where do we get delivered when we are physically no longer here?
Do you still get to make the choices for us after this post apocalypse you still rain down on us?
Tell me we still don’t understand when slavery ended? We were told we were free, but that was on paper.
Is it our education that frightens you, without action, an education is just another false home where we think we live freely.
Our skin is a reminder you said was a curse, and it delivered us into slavery because you needed to control us for our well being. The original lie!
Our blackness is not an excuse. We do not have to justify why our lives are worthy and of value, nor do we expect you to understand a truth you never have!
We have not cheated you out of a commodity; we weren’t born to be property, a pawn bartered for your fields, or your pleasure!
We are becoming enlightened; we are regaining our higher sense of self; we are spreading our wings, and the wind of our ascent has sent ripples into the universe.
We are so much more than you expected, and we are still rising so that our sons and daughters know Africa made us strong and relevant.
When we reach the summit of our strength, we will invite you to the table. That is what a civilized people do.
We were born the chosen. None of your actions will ever remove the determination and pride from our skin. Our blackness is thousands upon thousands of years deep.
We are the forever people, just look at the truth of our history. We were walking this planet before you learned how to suckle at your mother’s breast.
When you accept the accurate history of this planet, then you will understand Africa is the milk that has sustained your life. You will then understand the true meaning of our black lives, and why they have always mattered!

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