A Walk Across The Sahara

A Walk Across Time

Excerpt from The Sahara

Did you know you are my tears when I am happy? My comfort when I feel down. You are my path when my eyes do not show me the way. The strength I need when the burdens of the day are almost too heavy to bear. You provide me with nourishment when my soul feels empty and in need of support. Late at night, when I need a lift to walk forward, you are my motivation. When I walked the sands of Sub-Saharan Africa, it was your voice I heard on the wind, calling me to you. When I carried stones to build the pyramids, your love made me continue the struggle for us. I have learned that you are the love that gives flight to my heart. You have once again become the power that gives meaning to my words. Living without touching you felt like being ripped from Africa again. And this unknown land is destroying me. I now wonder if Shakespeare knew the love and torture he so vividly wrote. Could he have loved so deeply as Romeo and Juliet? I wonder if Shakespeare ever wandered deep into the forest and danced with the fairies he wrote about in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I wonder what title he would give our love. Perhaps he might have called it “A Walk Across Time.” That title works for me. It works because I am still walking toward you. Maybe he would have struggled as I do. It is hard to put a love like ours into a category or box. There are too many levels of emotion to fit one description, no matter how many pages it might be. We made it through the Middle Passage, and we walked out of slavery. It is time for us to step together and share this great love. A love I have searched for so very long, searching for you as I walked across the sands of the Sahara.

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