Pain and Pleasure

There is a difference in how I love you. I crave you in passionate ways that lead me to beg for your touch. When I lay beside you, I am thrust deep into your soul, trying to lick my way to the core of your tenderness. 

I have never pretended I was anything special. I did not know the magic in my touch until I caressed the curve of your hips. Felt the length of your body unfold at my fingertips. You have made me more than this man has ever dreamed.

I am in repentance for teasing your flesh into its molten form and feeling it erupt in my arms, in my soul, filling me to the depth of my being. It is the taste of your kiss that gives me power. I am electrocuted each time the spark from your mouth charges my soul full.

I was sure I loved you my entire life, but I did not know how much I could love you until I lay with you in my arms. I did not know how much I could love you until we lay on a beach under the stars and I saw my universe shining in your eyes.

Sometimes I wonder if my world is big enough to hold your beauty. I often wonder if my dreams will give you the life my heart knows you deserve. Then you look at me with your beautiful eyes and tell me the world and dreams you need are in my arms.

You need love and assurance. You need honesty and truth. I am those things and so much more. As I have said, I am perfectly imperfect in my pursuit of fulfilling your needs. I will marry you, and I want you to speak my name the way a match speaks to gasoline on that night. I want us to burst into flames as our passion consumes both of us.

These are a few thoughts I had while I watched you sleep. I will sleep now with you in my arms. When I dream, I will dance with you and beg for the woman you are to wrap me in your arms and soothe the passionate ache I feel when I gaze upon your beauty.

I never imagined love so powerful could bring such pain and pleasure, yet here I stand suspended on a thin line between the two.

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