When We Grow Old

When we are young, we should fear the unknown. We are careless in our pursuit of tangible things.

When we are old, we fear what we have seen in the world.

In between, we make the mistakes they warned us about (Our Parents). We disregard the truth that faces us in a mirror because it speaks of our weakness and mortality. We care less about humanity while we are in pursuit of our dreams, though many of the dreams are baseless.

We do not raise our children to be better than us in moral ways.

Society has already convinced them they are better electronically.

We compete with the God objects we give our young. We lose them in the false worlds that lead them to death, drugs, and destruction.

We realize too late, that our lives are full of the riches we have accumulated, but we are poorer for it.

We have not led by example. If we did, our children would not be walking the streets thinking they are invincible during a pandemic.

We grow old with wisdom as the tree of life drops our leaf into the wind.

Our last thought should be, what have we left behind?

If it is money and material things, then we have left nothing. Those things were already in the world, waiting to consume our souls.

When we are young, immortality dances in front of us. Mesmerized by the rhythm of life. We are arrogant and disloyal. Those are the traits learned from man, not God.

When we are old, we are remorseful and open to the love we neglected in our youth.

There is a truth in all of us. It is up to each individual to give purpose to that truth for the good of those around them. That is what youth affords us, the ability to help our fellow man.

When we are old, we shake our heads at our children for not listening to us. If we are fortunate to have grandchildren, we eventually shake our heads at their antics.

The wisdom of old age comes with a price: REGRET!

It leaves us with visions of what we could have been. Could we have been better Christians, parents, friends, or coworkers?

We allow our children to become carbon copies of ourselves and once again, a generation of our youth seek answers in their obscure walk through life, chasing the reflection of the past, and sometimes an empty future, waiting to grow old.

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