The Rhythm of My Words

I write to the sound of music. 

It is a melody I want people to feel when they read my writing. 

I want them to be touched by the rhythm of my emotions as I expose my soul to the world.

I strive to uncover my love, my anger, and every ounce of me and let it drip into the minds of all who read me. 

They are moments when I am weary — moments when I am tired to the bone with no rest in sight. 

When I am sometimes wary of the pen, not confident in the only craft I have ever cherished. 

I find a quiet place within myself and let the music flow and with it my words. 

There are moments when I am alive with ideas, and I can hardly control the tempo of my thoughts. 

That is when I feel I can write the next great poem, or start the novel that will turn the world on its ear.

I suffer quietly through the heartbreak of my characters. 

I shed tears for their loss and their joy. 

I cower in corners when fear takes their breath, and lives hang in the balance. 

I stand empty, with thoughts rumbling under the surface. 

I hear music and my soul dances. 

It is a melody that pushes me to write, and all at once, I am a geyser, my words bursting free to give hope, light, and love to the world. 

I don’t know how the world will receive my writings, but I cannot stop writing my words. 

They have remained private for fifty-five years, and now they are flowing to all who will indulge. 

I am the rhythmic flow of my life, sharing it with my pen.

Your thoughts?

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