A Whisper

It started as a whisper when I saw you walk out of heaven’s gate, and I whispered, there is my angel. I will marry her one day.

When I introduced myself, I said my name was I love you. Fortunately, it was a whisper, and I squeezed out my name afterward.

I have spent a lifetime whispering your name in the moments when I needed to hear your voice. In those dark instances, I found comfort in saying your name.

I often wondered if you whispered my name in moments of uncertainty. Moments when you needed genuine love to steady your steps. Times when you needed a boost to stand you up and walk you out of the darkness that came too often.

I heard you whisper my name.

I felt you open your heart and wish me well. Though it was a whisper, I heard you.

I hear you now when you lay awake and sleep takes you. You speak your prayers to God and whisper; you love me.

I hear you whisper.

I lay awake at night and I give thanks for a God-fearing woman who has accepted me into her heart. I thank God for the whispers I speak in the night’s stillness and pray they drift with God’s grace to your ears. 

I now speak your name in the light of day for all to hear. I am proud to call you my love.

There are still quiet moments when I say your name in a whisper. Those are the moments I am on my knees and I give thanks for a future promised by God’s divine purpose.

One of my most cherished memories is the first time I saw you step out of heaven’s door and I whispered, I will marry her. 

I want to see the look on your face when I remind you how our love began, as a whisper.

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