Trapped in Our Heads

We all get trapped in our heads.

We spend our lives trying to defeat the

internal battles we face every day.

We receive mental and physical scars

that leave us cowering in fear.

We are afraid to re-encounter the

source of our pain, to walk

that lonely, unlit corridor alone.

We keep the secret of our weaknesses

hidden out of fear our antagonist

might tease or hurt us again.

Our damage causes us to curl up into

ourselves, to block the

possibility of revealing our pain.

There is a door, but the pain has caused

you not to trust freedom.

The people around you see your mask, a

half-broken smile you

hope will not betray your anxiety.

You are in prison, trapped within yourself.

No one can hear you scream.

You are the warden, but you are doing

your best not to let you out.

There are moments when you are sitting

nowhere, breathing stale air

Living in loneliness drains your strength

Life has presented itself with no hope.

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