Necessary Truths

Like love, honor, respect, and empathy. The building blocks of a worthy life are difficult. There are trials all boys must face to become worthy men. It begins with not being afraid of your emotions. The myth that boys should not cry has crippled many a bright mind and future.

Life is not microwavable. You must stand amid your existence and simmer in the truth of your life to become a productive man.

Many of us start out at a deficit. Our fathers abandon us or we never know them. Too many of our fathers are dead or dying in prisons. That leaves a void for the streets to raise boys into half beings pretending to be adults.

We become fathers too early and irresponsible sooner. There are no manuals for parenthood, though there should be a few. There are no set rules for loving your children or your partner. And making it up as you go is dangerous. If you want to love the correct way, you must put in the work. Listen to your heart and follow it. The code of the street has no place in love.

Learn to listen to your partner. The truth is not a lesson learned alone.

Give honor to God and seek his light. There is wisdom in his words that will guide you through the darkest times. Faith is a powerful thing, and it is a living force that can shape your life as a Christian, your adulthood, your fatherhood, and everything in your life.

I pray the words in this little book will give some insight into my faith. I also hope to convey how loving yourself in your youth will shape you into a man worthy of being loved.

May God be with you on your journey, whether young or old.

1. Becoming a man is hard. You must first learn when it is time to put the boy in you down and treat yourself with the dignity you want the world to show you. It is not a simple path, but neither is life.

2. We live in an oppressive society, yet there is promise. That promise is you! Being a man is what you grow into. The title is not yours because of your years. You must walk through lessons that become good habits to set examples for the young men watching you become something more than. Believe me, they are watching you.

3. Learn to say yes sir and yes mam. These are not signs of weakness or submission. It is an explicit statement that you recognize the person in front of you with respect and want the same respect you give.

4. If you want to be more than a title, seek the truth from you. Find a man you respect and let him mentor you. Asking for help is a sign of strength. It is why we pray when we feel most alone and without hope.

These are a few necessary truths.

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