Answer Me!

You walked across my womb and stole the only thing I ever held dear.
You maimed my children; you tried to break the spirit that sprang from
My loins
We were whipped, but you never beat us. We are the beginning of man
And we will stand when you are no more
Did you think chains could hold the fearless hearts of my people
Did it ever occur to you we were always waiting for you to forget
that freedom is in our DNA.
When Africa decided it was time to unleash her history, you saw
Just enough to hide her legacy
You thought breaking noses off statues was
Enough to hide our culture
Whatever made you feel Africa would remain a divided continent? You tried to make us your subjects and now we are taking our cultures back
You fear the educated black race, but you don’t seem to realize from
The courtroom to the church, to the basketball court, tennis court,
Baseball field, scientific labs, operating rooms, our contractors,
Our janitors, our maids, or any other area of study or job.
We have always had one thing in common, and that was and is,
We continue to rise
We do not need permission, or a hand up, the last time we took your
Hand, we got a free cruise into hell
So, can you answer me this, why do you feel the need to continue to
Oppress us
We have made more millionaires than you will ever
Admit, why? You will not answer that because you would have to take
A look at the dark underbelly of how this country was built by slaves.
Can you look me in the eye and answer me, or will you stick to the
Story it was your ancestors and not you.
Perhaps, but you are still living fat on the scars of dead children
Who made you/your family rich
It does not matter if you answer; we know who you are
And you are learning who we have always been.
We are the images of the Zulu, the Bantu, the Afar, The Watusi,
The Maasai and so many others you pillaged to finance your crops
We stand strong in part because you told us we could not, there is a
Long history in our blood, and as we continue to learn and teach our
Children about their past, while molding their future, you will continue to see us rise.
That is my answer to you!

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